We help raise finance for innovative, socially responsible, ethical and community-led development projects

We set up Crowdestates to overcome the problems of raising money for community-led and innovative property projects which can be hard from traditional lenders. In some circumstances, we can help you raise up to 100% of the money you need How it works

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We understand that raising finance for innovative developments can be difficult and frustrating. We help you fund your property project by raising money from the community and our network of social impact investors

Interest rates reflect social impact

We factor your development’s social impact into interest rate calculations, so that your positive impact is rewarded

Tell your story

We give you the opportunity to tell the unique story of your project, why it will create social impact, and how it will benefit the local community

Free marketing for your project

We promote your project to our extensive network, giving you exposure to ethical lenders and the opportunity to gain wider community support

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Capital at Risk.

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Pick up the phone or email in your details to discuss your project with us and see whether we can help. We place a high priority on community or social benefit, as well as a clear strategy of how you will pay back our social impact investors

Tell your story

We work with you to put together an information pack for our social impact investors and for the community which helps you get the funding you need

Publish the deal

We list the deal on the platform and send it to our registered lenders

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Once funded, we work with you and the lenders to finalise the loan to get your project the money that it needs quickly so that you can get started. Our fees will be included in the loan that you raise

Start developing

Once you have the funds, the loan needs to be serviced according to the terms of the offer. You will have the opportunity to stay in touch and build relationships with your lenders through quarterly updates and networking events

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  • Co-housing Developments
  • Custom Build Developments
  • Group Self-Build Developments
  • Community Land Trusts (CLTs)
  • Ethical or Socially Responsible Developments
  • Environmentally Friendly, Green or Sustainable Developments
  • Community-led Developments
  • Affordable Housing Developments
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